Friday, November 30, 2007

How we met!

Hey everyone! So I thought I'd start off our blog by writing a little bit about Dustin and I and how we met!

Way back in 2003, Dustin and I were juniors in high school. We were also consequently both choir nerds to the max. It was my first year of Capital Singers and Dustin was already a seasoned CDVE pro. Every year, the two high school choirs took a trip together to Sun Valley, Idaho where they participated in the Dixieland Jazz Festival. I was so excited seeing as I had just turned 16 and had my first official boyfriend, and was excited for a 'Choir Trip Romance'. 

The trip started like any other fun choir trip and I hardly expected it might change my life...and then the two choirs were instructed to meet at the pond to warm up for the big performance. We were asked to line up, boy-girl-boy-girl! Well I just so happened to stand up right next to Dustin. I didn't notice him at first, maybe because I had a boyfriend at the time, or maybe because I was/am a dumb blonde, you be the judge. But when we started to sing, I picked up on him right away. He was an amazing singer and I always fell for musicians. At a second glance I noticed he was cute too. He looked like just my type. But I was still a bit nervous to talk to him. I hoped he would hear my singing voice, too, which I was kinda proud of in the least conceited way possible :). The girl on his other side started talking to him, telling him he had a good voice. So I decided to chime in. Well, soon after she wasn't talking, it was just me and Dustin. Right away I knew we had a connection. 

Unfortunately, we were cut off when everyone was instructed to go onstage and sing. Borah was on one side and Capital on the other. The whole performance we stared at each other. We watched as each other's quartets sang. It was ridiculous how much we had in common! Then, when the two choirs combined he ran over and stood by my side. It was wonderful. 

Apparently, after that, he noticed that I had a boyfriend. But I was quickly forgetting my boyfriend, seeing as this handsome talented stranger was catching my attention! I never actually thought about my current boyfriend the whole trip. I saw Dustin several times from afar on that trip but once he saw my boyfriend he was distant. I never forgot about him.

Months later, I still remembered him. I still wondered what his name was, I had never known. 

I recall seeing him at several district functions but we never got the chance to speak as it were until a year later, but neither of us forgot the other.

Then the very next year I was single and so was he. At the district Mass performance we were both soloists and got to speak once again. From there it was history!!

We saw each other through high school graduation, first years away from home, and his mission. When he came home, we didn't initially hit it off, but 5 months later we were back together and happier than ever and he proposed September 21st 2007!!!

We are getting married December 13th!!!