Friday, February 6, 2009

Updates in our lives :)

Well, it's been a while since I posted any updates! I have misplaced my camera but when I find it I assure you there will be pictures! We have been busy bees in the Wright household!

Dustin has been able to travel for work a little in the last month which he enjoys. He's become quite technically savvy which is cool, and he is faster at typing than me now! :) He's gained a lot of good job skills while working with the computer company. It's awesome to see him grow!

We both are still 'in progress' with our health. We joined the same gym and find it's easier to go with the other's motivation. I love that we can take on that challenge together instead of having to go it alone. My weight loss has stalled for the time being, but I am hoping it will pick up again soon. I seem to be sitting comfortably within the same 5 lbs or so, but it's high time for me to get back in to gear! I have vowed I will not go off for the holidays again as this has been the main cause of the stalling!! :)

I am taking a class right now toward my childcare licensing, it's called "Tearless Discipline". It makes my work days long (15 hours) but it is good to have under my belt and it's worth it to know more about the right ways to raise a family, etc! I love my job and I'm happy to have a job I enjoy that has some awesome benefits! :)

We are also excited to think about purchasing a home toward the end of the year. Dustin still likes to car shop even though he knows he won't be getting one anytime soon. lol!

In the last month we were able to see Jenae's wedding down in Utah. It was great, though short unfortunately. We got to see our niece and nephews who have all grown so much! It's great to be able to love on nieces and nephews when we don't have children of our own yet :)

Anyway, I will be posting pics soon! Love you all!