Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Update, Pics coming soon!

So I thought i'd give you all a very quick update!!

Dustin and I got our first 'couple calling'...we are nursery leaders....hahah :) So far everything's great, the kids are 18 months to 2 years and pretty darn cute!

Also, Dustin had a mission reunion type deal because his mission prez and his wife came home. We had about 40 guys staying at our house :) There will be pictures to come!! Hope everyone's doing well!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cancun Part 3,Dustin's Underwater Stuff!

These are just a few pictures from my mom's underwater camera. I was taking a nap when they took these but I think they are funny! They are swimming at the Mayaland Resort in a beautiful pool that was once a sanote. 
This is Dustin holding my grandma, hahaha :) He is so funny
Dustin and Josh, Jazz hands!
Ahhh!!! Heeeellllppp!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cancun Part 2!

Kiss Kiss!! I think I might have some competition ;)
Holding hands with a dolphin!!
I think this is really funny!!
Dustin and I both look pretty beat up here! But anyway, the last place we stayed (Chitchen Itza) was beautiful and we had a very serene and lovely hotel room. 
We got to hold monkeys! haha Sorry these are very out of order but I am still learning with this thing.

On our trip to the jungle, Dustin was brave and rode the zipline over the pond of crocodiles! I would have gone but at the time was let's just say I was having some.. problems. :) I'll leave it at that!

More to come!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hello family and friends! We had a great 4th of July, serving up a great meal in the kitchen! We made Mini chicken meatballs with pasta (from Food Network), Venetian rolled pizza, strawberry creme drinks, and cherry pie with ice cream! Mmm! We then sat and watched TV with the 'boys'

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Cancun pictures to come...a video to make you laugh :)

This video is funny because Dustin was posing for his picture but I accidently shot a movie. I laugh whenever I watch this! :)

I have more pictures of Cancun to add but haven't had time in the past 24 hours to do so, I promise I will have them posted soon!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cancun!!! Part One!!!

Well, we are HOME! Finally! We are so happy for the wonderful experience we had! We'll let a few of our words and the pictures do the talking. We took hundreds of photos but thought we'd compile it for you !!

We arrived first in Salt Lake City where we spent the night (all 8 of us!) in one bedroom near the airport! The next morning we had to be up by 4:30 so we were all exhausted!!

<--- Can you tell!?
We flew from SLC to Denver then to Cancun, but both of us don't remember the trip much as we had the help of Dramamine!!

We were very tired but super excited to embark on this trip!
We got to spend some time in Denver (whoo hoo) and then we were on to the Cancun airport!
We took about 2 hours to get out of customs and then...we walked out in to Cancun!! It was very hot and humid. 95 degrees but with 100% humidity felt like 105! Dustin was already sweating buckets by the time we reached the bus to take us to the resort!
<--- Happy but tired!
From the airport, we drove 2 hours to the Wyndham Mayan resort!
<-- Blue steel
This particular resort was all-inclusive and located beachside. The moment we got there, we were all forgetting about our tiredness and excited to see the beach, so we took a nice evening walk in the sand!
Experiencing the ocean at night was just magical. Already when we got there, a lightning storm was happening so we got to see the lightning crash on the beach (an amazing site) and feel the cool ocean breeze on our faces.
<-- Walking barefoot in the waves at night is just a treat! (see the sandy sandals?)

Having 7 other people on the trip and rooming with us left us very little (okay no) alone time so sometimes instead of being romantic we had to be a bit silly (as Dustin always is!!)
<-- I'm pretty sure if there WERE sharks by the shore, they swam far away after seeing such an intimidating look!! :) :)

All around the resort there were lots of trees and leaves, of which to hide from the jaguars in (just kidding)
<-- shhhhhh!!!

The next day we thought the weather was going to get better so we set off to explore and find cool stuff. Dustin was intrigued with the wild coconuts...Hmm...weird...haha :) I like to make fun of him. I took a picture just like this but his was funnier!
<-- I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, diddly diddly, there they are a standing in a row....

We got some time to relax in the hammocks!

<-- Enjoying the tropical breeze!

Our meals were all provided so we got to try some good (and yucky) food! We also got to enjoy the beautiful views and the greenery.

<-- Two love birds in Cancun

We also got to enjoy complimentary drinks anytime we wanted. Our drink of choice (of which I had about 8) were the pinadas, or a virgin pina colada. One of our pasttimes was to enjoy a pinada on the beach while watching the waves crash!!
However, as we were getting our first pinadas, a mini hurricane hit and wiped out some of the bar. We all had to huddle inside the tiki hut to get protection. It rained almost every day of our trip.
After the rain hit, we decided to make a run for it in the rain. To give you an idea of how much it was raining (and this is AFTER it calmed down), we included these pictures!
We were soaked from head to toe!!
<-- Macho macho man
We trudged through so much water (from flooding) that my flipflops broke in the process!
Luckily they were only dollar ones so they could be put back together. Gotta love TARGET flipflops!!
<-- A battle cry!! We did it!

Dustin is very proud of himself for conquering the rain! The sky you see here was typical for several days of our trip!! It was the rainy season though and it was still way fun and beautiful!
<-- Raise the roof!

We saw a lot of cool animals at this resort, one of which we never did figure out the name. It was like a rat but huge and had hooves like a deer! Totally crazy!
There were also a lot of cool plants and some we used to joke around with!
Dustin used these leaves as sweat rags (ewww) and fans on the trip!
<-- Oh, and loin cloths :)

We finally did get some nice weather at the beach. This is not touched up or fake or anything..
Isn't it beautiful???!!

Dustin liked his faux hawk for part of the time, I think he looks cute :)