Monday, July 5, 2010

Father's Day and Nana's Camp

So this is going to be a very pic-heavy post, but the last couple of weeks we had Father's Day and we just got back from a weekend at "Nana's Camp" where Dustin's mom has all the grandkids come stay at the cabin for week of fun, crafts, games, etc. We were only able to stay a day and a half because of work schedules but we had a great time!

Father's Day was fun for Melody and I. Daddy got some much-needed presents. New undies, shirts, and socks! I know, not the coolest gifts but like I said much needed!!! He also got a few treats :)
Here is Melody with daddy's gifts! She liked to help him open them. I am excited to see how she opens the gifts on her first's only 4 months away :-S My baby is growing up too fast!
Daddy opening his first gift!

Then, as said before, we had Nana's Camp this past weekend. It's annual so we are excited for Melody to go next year when she can be a little more involved. Some of the activities while we were there were tug of war, which was so funny to watch. Of the 13 grandkids, 11 are boys and they all had fun trying to win!
Everyone tie dyed shirts (well, the kids) and parents did the tie dying for the kids who were too young. They turned out really cute!
There was a water fight which was very funny to watch and all the kids were drenched by the end!
Then, on Sunday, we had a little 'cabin church' meeting and sang some patriotic songs. Melody waved her flag while we sang the star spangled banner! I wanted to upload the video but it was too long!
It was so nice to enjoy the beauty of the cabin on the 4th. I hate to post pictures of me because I was under the weather and looked and felt crappy but it's for memories sake :) Melody was so cute waving her little flag around!
Melody was able to see and play with some of her cousins that we haven't seen in a while! She is closest in age to Greyson, and they sat and batted at each other's faces a lot haha :) Greyson would probably have been more interested if she could crawl around and play but she just sat there smiling or staring at him :)

Landon was so cute with her. He kept saying "Hi baby!" in his cute little voice and trying to give her his toys. All her cousins are so cute with her!
All smiles after eating some mango and pears
She loved the mirror in the bathroom!
I love those chubby cheeks :)

The weekend held a few firsts!

First time feeding herself with the bottle!
First sink bath---she loved it
First time getting and staying in the crawling position
This wasn't a first but I thought it was hillarious. This is the dreaded "captain's chair" position but her little thighs are so strong she sat in this position for a few minutes! It was so funny!

Family pictures with Nana! She's wearing the tie dye shirt she made!
I love this one! Melody and Nana
An upclose picture of Nana with the kids. Melody kept grabbing at Carley's hair
Nana's Camp 2010: Success!
All the grandkids!!
On the way home, there was an accident in the mountains. They had life flight and everything so we ended up waiting an hour on the road, but Melody had some good quality play time with mom and dad!

It was a great weekend!!