Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Mini Tour of our House :)

So first off, our camera isn't really working so I had to take some cell phone videos instead!! The bedrooms are still a work in progress, but we are going to be done with them SOON!! And then I will post videos and pictures of them. I will get the camera back here soon so you can see some pictures! 

I mightve said before, but our house is 3 beds, 2 baths, it's not super big but it's our first home and we are very proud of it!!

Here is walking in from the front door!

This is going in to the living/family room

Here is another view when you are IN the family room

This is one view of the kitchen!

This is a view of the kitchen from the dining room!

One last view...the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom :)

More to come soon!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So I thought I would write a quick blog about all we are up to lately! First things first..

  • We are 27 weeks pregnant with Melody and everything is going well! I am little frightened at how big I will end up being, seeing as I still have like 13 weeks left, but I will be wearing the belly proudly :) Unfortunately, all the maternity shirts have me in despair, as my already big and growing knockers won't fit any of them :( Well, not any I have tried YET. If you know of any good brands let me know! I feel like I am still in the 'is she just fatter or pregnant' phase so hopefully in the next couple weeks it's gonna start being more obvious. I hope! I get asked a lot if I am feeling good, the answer is YES! I feel I have little to complain about. At 27 weeks I am 3 lbs below my start weight of being pregnant so I have not had swelling or much back pain. I DO have heartburn but it's cureable with a few TUMS. And I am sleeping better now that we are in the new house. I do pregnancy yoga daily and it is helping tremendously. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
  • We have our new house and we are all moved in! Organization, however, is a different story. Because of our circumstances we've had to live in 2 homes. Dustin's parents (to take care of it and their dogs) and ours. I have been sleeping in our new house and Dustin at his parents'. It is challenging and I often call him in tears because I want him with ME :) but it is worth it. I plan on finishing all my decorating and organizing this weekend and then we should have pictures up for you all to see.
  • Life is great, we love it! We have great new neighbors at our new house, and it's been fun to sit on the front lawn and talk to our whole street as they come by. Our new ward is full of kids, which we are excited about!! Lots of new families just like us. My job is going very well, I have been able to take on 5 8's instead of 4 10's which has been very nice for me for right now. Dustin is doing so well at his job, and loves it. 
Overall we are doing awesome! I will try and be more consistent with everything and posting. The problem is, we are not big picture takers, so we don't update as much as we should.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Fellow Blog Stalkers! :)

Well I know that this is not the kinds of pictures everyone wants to see, but while we are in the moving process I thought that this would be appropriate to post showing that we finally got our house and these were the pictures that we took by our "SOLD" sign.
More pictures to come!!!! Promise. Once things look good enough for Lyndsey to want to take pictures, and we find our camera, pictures will be up!