Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Dustin and I have been married now for one year officially! Here's a synopsis of our first, wonderful year together! :) :)

December 07: We were married in the Boise Idaho Temple!! It was a wonderful day and we were so excited to finally be husband and wife! We stayed in the anniversary Inn for the first night then hopped on a plane to Acapulco!! :) We still talk about how we miss Acapulco and how fun it was for us! We both moved in to Dustin's apartment and kicked Devan out :)

January 08: We traded my Honda CRV in for our first car together! A little Saturn Ion, was very fun! We saw our nephew Vincent be born (well Dustin did!)
We also got our first and last pet together. He was a baby ferret named Cubby. Sadly, he was already sick when we got him, and when his condition worsened, we took him to the vet and decided the most humane thing to do was to put him down. It was really sad and caused me some heartache, but we decided after that that we won't ever own a pet again!

February 08: We celebrated Valentine's Day together :)

March 08: Dustin home for one year from Peru! Woo hoo! We went on our first road trip as a married couple, to Utah. We visited Jenny and had some fun :).

April 08: We went on a special date together and celebrated our first Easter as a couple!

May 08: Devan and Mom and Dad Wright went on their missions! Dustin and I moved in to their home to take care of it for them! Dustin got a new job!

June 08: We went to Cancun Mexico on a wonderful church history trip and had a ton of fun! Lyndsey turned 22! Woo hoo :)

July 08: We celebrated 4th of July relaxing and making a gourmet meal!

August 08: We took several trips in this month! Bear Lake for family reunions and more!

September 08: Lyndsey started Weight Watchers :) We had a lot of visitors from out of town stay with us!

October 08: Dustin turned 23! We had a great Halloween and Lyndsey also hit the one year mark working for Kidlink! Lots of fun!!

November 08: We celebrated Thanksgiving with Lyndsey's family and found out we were pregnant, shortly after losing it :( We will probably hold off before trying again due to some things we want to accomplish beforehand now! We celebrated 5 years together!

December 08: We've hit one year! Yay! Christmas, here we come! Lyndsey's still on weight watchers, working through a plateau ;)

So that's a quick synopsis of our year together. The details haven't been filled in but there you have it!!!!! :-D

We hope that 2009 brings all of you joy and that you can fulfill your dreams!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our 'Children'

So I went on to this site by accident almost, it's a site that combines your facial features in pictures and makes your 'child'. Hahahahaha. :) Here are a few results, enjoy ;)

Well, she's a sweet spirit, ok?

Our 'daughter' haha

This one looks a lot like Dustin when he was a kid, crazy!

I think the little boy might just be the cutest! :)