Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Nana and Papa's House!

Today we were able to spend some quality time with family at Dustin's parents (Nana and Papa) and we were able to participate in a little Easter party for the grandchildren. Melody isn't old enough yet but it's a constant reminder to me knowing that last year I was pregnant and how fast it goes by...this time next year she will be searching for Easter eggs along with everyone else! This is pic-heavy but I hope you enjoy all the cute pictures we got!
Melody loves her Nana! I paid $1 for this Gymboree outfit at Kid-to-Kid, a consignment store in Boise. She looked like a little sailor girl but it was cute!
Dustin, Sandy (Nana) and I hid eggs...Dustin chose some great places...(Nice one Duzzy)
Nana explaining the rules to the boys
Another great place to hide an egg, LOL...Dustin, you crack me up
Landon, bringing his egg back
Vincent trying to steal Mimi's eggs!
My camera isn't great quality but I love this in-motion pic of Gavin running with an egg!
Dominic was decidedly bored and wanted to climb the tree instead---I guess we didn't challenge him enough with our egg placement!
Carson, looking very "Abercrombie" model in this one!
The ugly disaster which became the infamous "Bunny Cake" shall forever haunt my dreams
I love the colors of Easter!
Carson found an egg! :)
Riley helping Vincent, whose pants were almost fallen off!
Good find Landon!

Can't wait for Easter, YAY! I am hoping to get some Easter pictures of Melody this week. And I need to get Dustin's easter basket together... So much to do! Love the holidays!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 months old!!!

Sitting on her own!

Melody will be 5 months old on Saturday!! :) I don't know why but for some reason 5 months is starting to feel like she's getting older in a way that 4 months didn't. Here are some pictures of the past month! She is doing well and hitting all of her milestones!

As much as we do tummy time, she always prefers to be on her back. When she is on her tummy, she'll often roll back to her back. I think she just likes to look up and see the world. She is VERY observant!
Let me first clarify that that is NOT my drool, it is her spit up! lol! She doesn't sleep with me but Dustin lets me sleep in on Saturdays and this day he brought her in to wake me up (which is why I have an ear plug in, lol) She was being really cute!
I've decided that if I have another girl, we are doing her room in purple. I love pink, but I think that purple looks so cute on baby girls!
Daddy kissing baby :)
This was on our road trip to Bear Lake, before she realized she was being confined to the car seat all day!! lol :) Really though, she did very well.
Erica gave us this toy for our baby shower and she loves it! Luckily she is starting to take an interest in toys now!
These are both pictures taken she she stretches...she has the most hillarious face when she stretches. She arches her back and body, puts her fists up, and makes these funny pouty lips and her face gets all!!
Deer in the headlights look
She has the most insane leg strength. Her daddy walked at 7 months, so maybe that is why. She can already pull from laying down to standing, and prefers to stand over anything else. Baby girl, don't grow up so fast!!!
The funny face she makes when losing her balance, lol!!!

It really is crazy how fast the 5 months went by! I really can't believe it. A year ago I was just beginning to get morning sickness with her...a LOT happened for us in the last year but all the tears and heartache were worth it! We love life so much!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Chels!

My sister made a new cute layout for our blog!! I love it! Thanks Chels, love you too!

And now the randomness...
I'm up way too late again. I would stop, but it's the only time I get to myself that I know won't be interrupted. It makes me perpetually tired but I'd go crazy without time to myself. I'm one of those type of people who really recharges not with people but being alone. It's a blessing and a curse sometimes.

Life is good here in Boise. Dustin and I are finally going on more dates which I think is important for us. A lot of times we focus so much on being parents that we put ourselves last, which I think is common. But now just laying in bed and talking after the baby goes to bed means the world. I really am blessed to have married Dustin. He brings out the best sides of me. We can laugh about anything together and maintain our sense of humor when things get rough. I dated a few guys before Dustin but I believe he has been my first and only love. Now that we have Melody, I find that our love grows and grows. It is strengthened in parenthood. We work as a team, and we are the strongest we've ever been. I want to be like Gordon B. Hinckley and his wife were someday when we are old. Where we have shared the deepest and most beautiful moments of our life together and have no regrets. I KNOW I married the right person, and I am grateful for that. I made a wonderful choice :)

Alright, end of randomness...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Sweet Little Melody

Our sweet baby girl is going to be 5 months old next weekend! It's crazy how time flies. My sister Chelsey took this beautiful pictures of Melody and I had to share! She's getting so big and so much fun! Just be sure to catch her at the right time ;). We love our little one...