Sunday, April 13, 2008

4 month anniversary

So I wanted to write a quick note because today is our 4 month anniversay being married :-) It's not a huge stepping stone or anything but it's kind of fun to recall all of our happy memories so far.

Dustin and I dated for 4 years prior to getting married so we thought we knew everything there was to know about one another. Boy were we wrong! When you join in marriage, you learn so much about yourself, your spouse, and your life. You learn even more how to give of yourself.
I appreciate Dustin's patience with me, as I can be a bit emotional at times! I am so grateful for him and for everything he does for me!
Well, we should be finding out where Mom and Dad Wright will be going on their mission this week. It will also let us know when we will be moving in to their home to take care of it for them.
We got to stay there this weekend and housesit and watch over Kassie whose baby is coming any day now! It was a fun practice run and made me feel more 'at home'.