Monday, March 31, 2008

40 things about us!

So, here are 40 things about Dustin and I that you maybe didn't know! Idea taken from a friend :)

1. We are both stubborn, we are debating on who is more stubborn!
2. I love sweets, Dustin loves savory foods
3. We both like these names for our kids...Carter, Bradley, Dillan, Kailee (now we just need more girl names)
4. We both love opera
5. Dustin and I were both in barbershop quartets in high school!
6. We both know sign language
7. My favorite flower is a lily, Dustin's is a tulip
8. Our favorite fast food is Jack in the Box
9. Dustin loves cars, Lyndsey is trying to be more in to them :)
10. Dustin and I love to go house shopping together even though we're not really looking *yet*
11. We used to want 10 kids! Now we want 4-6!!
12. We both like to go grocery shopping, though he says I get 'weird food'!
13. Our favorite number and lucky number as a couple is 13, which is why we got married on the 13th!!
14. We are both naturally dirty blonde :)
15. Our voices (singing voices) sound really good together!
16. I swam in the ocean for the first time with Dustin
17. We sing together in the car, turn the radio off and just sing
18. Dustin always brings home weird movies from Redbox and we laugh and laugh about them!
19. Both of us LOVE to cook! I love to bake :)
20. Dustin sews better than I do
21. We are pretty traditional in the way we divvy out responsibility, except when it comes to dishes, that's all his (haha jk)
22. We both have green/hazel eyes
23. We both got out of long relationships before meeting each other
24. Dustin is more outgoing than I am!
25. But I am more creative than him :)
26. We always say "I love you" "I love you more" and carry on like that. Pathetic huh ? ;)
27. We wrote the entire mission! We still have all of our letters :)
28. Dustin loves to tell jokes, I am so bad at telling jokes
29. We both love food but have very different tastes! He likes spicy and I like comfort foods!
30. He takes only showers. I take only baths. Except once in a while I shower with him....TMI?!
31. We both played in the orchestra in jr. high. He played cello and I played violin!
32. We have more inside jokes than you could imagine!
33. I am a faster typer than Dustin :)
34. But he is more responsible!
35. I am very girly but low maintenance, he is low maintenance too but probably does better and looking nice most of the time!!
36. We both love kids, but I just might have more patience!
37. We were both in jazz and choral choirs!
38. We also were both in drama in jr high
39. We are best friends, but we also each have other people we confide in, which I think makes our relationship strong
40. We both love it to be cold when we go to sleep!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Trip to Utah

So, Dustin and I took our first married road trip this past weekend to Lehi, Utah to see Dustin's sister (my sister-in-law) Jenny and her husband Phil and her 2 adorable kids, Carley and Bodie!

We have been meaning to take a trip since our honeymoon because the both of us love to travel and we needed a bit of a break from the mundane school and work stuff. So we opened a trip account and put a little money aside to be able to go to Utah!

We left after work on Friday, and missed the junction (haha) but still made it in decent good time to Lehi. By the time we got there, we talked to Jenny and Phil for a few minutes and then went to bed! In the morning we had yummy breakfast burritos and then headed to IKEA since Dustin and I had never been there and I was told by someone here in Boise that I 'needed' to go. It was definitely unlike any store I've seen! We bought a few things, including some cute little ice trays and a new shower curtain. We've decided when we get our new house we need to go back to IKEA because it was fun and there were a lot of good deals!

We don't know when we'll get a new house, ofcourse, but probably soon after mom and dad Wright get home from their mission. That'll be fun and I'm already keeping my eyes pealed for our 'future home'.

After IKEA we went to Thanksgiving Point and had lunch. I had a portobella sandwich and a fruit tartlet, mmm. Then we went home and chilled for a while. We went to WalMart to buy Carley an Easter dress which was fun and then out to dinner at this Hawaiin grill place!

On Sunday we went to church and then headed home! Oh, I forgot to mention Jenny cut and colored my hair for me :-) It's cute and I really like it.

Our drive home was really really enjoyable. We both talked a lot about how our marriage has really come together. I was having a few sleeping problems before but since they've been cleared up, things have really come together. Our relationship is closer and stronger than ever. We truly are best friends as well as husband and wife, which is wonderful.

On another quick note, I have been asked by some the inevitable question a mormon newlywed couple seems to get, "When are you guys having kids?" Well, I thought I'd just answer that for fun! The short answer is, not for 2 years. Dustin and I ofcourse want kids very much but beyond that we want to be ready for them. One of my goals is to get in better shape before I start having children, because I know it'll be a lot harder after that! Dustin would also like to get in better shape. And since we are going to be living at mom and dad Wright's home to take care of it, we'd like to wait for babies until we have our own home and can 'set up house' a bit more and prepare for baby. Plus we just got married; we would like to have a bit more time to ourselves before we become parents. This is not to say that I haven't been baby hungry. Just ask my employees! I am always reading some kind of pregnancy literature! But it helps me wait and also get educated which I like to do before I make any big step!

So that's our lives right now! We are happier than ever and love being married! Now if we could only keep the house clean...:-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thanks Jenny!

So we got our blog all cutesy thanks to Jenny! We will try and update more. Right now we are in Utah with the Capell family. We are having a great time!