Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dinner this week, and a little baby cuteness :)

I wanted my sister to capture how cute Melody is while eating and she did. I love the way she looks up at me, and I love those cute chubby cheeks. :) Sorry, hair is nasty---this was before my bath lol :)
I just love this little peanut :)
That scratch is from her attempt to leap from daddy's arms...on the concrete :( lol. She didn't get very hurt but when I came home from work that day she had a big bandaid across her forehead and it was so funny to see :) Her new favorite snack is either her thumb or two fingers. But she isn't sucking on them, she's chewing, so I'm not too concerned.
This is totally off-centered but it's hard to get a baby to smile and take a picture!! :)

Now on to some food blogging to give everyone an idea of some clean meals :)

Black bean burgers and buns (okay, I DID make homemade buns but they turned out how like hockey pucks so I'm gonna have to try again. Whole wheat is hard to work with! So we just went out and grabbed the most healthy whole wheat ones from the store lol) But the black bean burgers I made up and they turned out very tasty!! Topped with avacado, tomato, cheese :) We had sweet potato fries tossed in olive oil on the side!

(Black bean burgers included pureed black beans, grated cheese, frozen hashbrown potatoes, chopped mushroom and onion, whole wheat breadcrumbs, egg, and seasonings)

Chicken marinated in garlic (minced), olive oil, and lemon. It was fabulous. Dustin had filet mignon instead. I'm not a red meat kind of person. Baked potatoes and snow peas on the side.
Last night, roasted asparagus, cajun seasoned mahi mahi, rice (can't justify the switch to brown...yet), and sauteed onions. YUMMY!!

(2 fillets of mahi mahi, 1/8 c of PURE maple syrup, 1 TB cajun seasoning, 2 tsps garlic powder... Saute with onions and olive oil, pour the sauce over the mahi mahi after its fully cooked. Voila!)
We don't claim to be perfect at all. Right now we're just focusing on eating cleaner. No diets, just simplifying our eating. I feel a lot better already and got over my cold on Sunday extremely fast. I've found that I am craving processed things but I remind myself I can have them, I am just trying to eat to better fuel my body. It's a learning process but well worth it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Philosophy

Hello friends and family :) I wanted to introduce you to my new passion and the new philosophy we have adopted in to our home. It's called eating clean. The premise is that I have been making all of our food (all that can be made) from scratch and we are eating unprocessed, whole foods. That means homemade breads, crackers, pastas, etc, and fruits and veggies and meats, cheese, and milk. I am still learning but I wanted to share with you my new joy! I discussed it a bit in a previous post but I finally decided it was time for major change this past weekend, and we did our shopping and I cleaned out the fridge and pantry. I went to the farmer's market and Costco and got us all started. On Sunday I made bread and crackers and prepped for the following week. Last week we got a start on it and I made all our dinners from scratch too, but I am going above and beyond now and really making everything homemade :) I'm really excited about it. I don't want to diet anymore. I don't want to get in to the fads. I just want to eat food that will help my body function at its best and I want us to get healthier now. I want Melody to have a good example of how to eat and remember mom making healthy, wonderful food every day!

Some pictures from the Wright kitchen...

Delicious, beautiful salad with homemade croutons! (They haven't been put on there yet lol)

A homemade puree of cantaloupe, strawberry, and raspberry for Melody. At the bottom is spinach! (Lovin my babycook from my sis)
Duzzy's lunch ready to go: cheese, veggies, fruit, hummus, eggs, and more!
Homemade crackers...first try, kinda shaky but good with the hummus!! :)
Hopefully we will start feeling better soon! I am really pumped and even more excited that we're spending less on food than ever but also eating better than ever! Yesterday was the first day in my whole life that I had a meal that didn't include refined sugar. Strange huh?

Well, that's all for now! Have a great healthy day!