Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Christmas-y, and Melody fun videos!

So I thought it was time for a little blog update! I have some pics and videos but they are all from cell phones. lol. I need to upload some real pics, no? We decided this past weekend to decorate for Christmas!!! I was so excited; last year we did nothing :( I know, lame. So first we went to Fred Meyer and got a tree. The above picture is Dustin, quite obviously, with said tree. Below is what happens when we decorate! YAY! All those decorations came from our wedding, which was in December 2 years ago. Bonus for having a wedding in December. Dustin says it needs more color. I say it matches our living room. We'll have to get some color to appease my husband, lol.

There is NOTHING like setting up the tree to get you ready for the holidays. But since we have the house this year, Dustin went another step forward and got lights. My brother Joe came over and helped!

Dustin up on the roof with my Brother Joseph!

When it was done, it looked so cute!! I will have to get a picture of the finished product. We just did the outline I guess you could say, but for now it's all we can do :) Next year we will keep adding on more lights until we have one of the best looking houses in the neighborhood!! lol!

Then there is the matter of the 'princess' who is one month old. We have both been shocked at how much she is growing. She is chunking out. She is around 6 1/2 lbs at one month.
She is SUCH an amazing, calm baby. So frickin cute. She looks just like both of us, too. We brought out my baby pics and were shocked that she indeed looks like me...A LOT. But she also looks like Dustin as a baby, so we'll see!!
I love this picture of her, it's so cute!

So in this video I caught her hillarious quirk---she growls after every sneezing fit, and I am telling you it is sooo funny... I love her little quirks. Here it is, in living color!!

Here is my baby, smiling at her grandpa Jetsel. She did her first little laugh/chortle shortly after this. It was so cute to see her smiling so much for him. I don't always get her to do it, but for certain people she is all smiles; my dad is one of them!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bath time!

So, first the funny story about Melody's umbilical cord...I was doing an emergency breastfeeding at Dustin's office (lol, awkward). I knew the cord was almost off, but I didn't expect when it would fall off...I had to take Melody's onesie off so she would wake up and finish eating. After she was done I noticed her cord was off! But where was it? We looked everywhere until it finally showed my bra! Nasty!! But we were so happy to give our baby her first real bath!

The order of these is really wrong but enjoy!

In her red towel from Aunt Verna!
She surprisingly loved the bath. We take one now every night as part of our nightly routine to get her ready for bed! Just like mom, loves the bath!
Dad is always so helpful when it comes to washing her. He lifted her up so I could get her back clean :)
Just relaxing in the bath!!

I love that cute white hair, it's so sweet :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Life with Melody/some cute videos!

I am so blessed and lucky to have such a sweet girl! Melody is a wonderful baby and very calm. She almost never cries and I am getting very good at figuring out her different cries when she does cry. She lets us sleep all night between feedings and is getting more and more alert. Here are some videos from the last couple days. Melody grew from 4 9 at birth (then lost 2 oz in the hospital) to 4 15! Almost 5 lbs now! We couldn't be more in love :)

Daddy burping the baby! Shows a bit of how tiny she is :)

She is starting to open those cute little eyes a little more! I love it when she does; she is so sweet when she looks up at me! She is such an angel!

Daddy doing the baby rap :) No babies were hurt in the making of this film! She is so cute, she lets dad play with her like this and doesn't seem to mind in the least! She is so fun to play with, but mommy likes to be gentle when playing with her!

Melody's 2 day old pics

These were taken while we were still in the hospital. She has grown to about 5 lbs since! We love her so much!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome Melody!!! Birth posts/more pics to come!!

Most of you already know...we had our little girl last Tuesday morning (the 27th) at 7:01 pm after being in the hospital for 25 hours :-S!! I did get the epidural after 18 hours so that's good enough for me! My mom has all of the labor and delivery pics so I need to get in touch with her and then I will post a nice long blog for you all with the story!!! :) For now here is a couple of pics of our baby girl who came in to the world weighing 4 lbs 9 oz and was 17 inches long!!!

A cell phone pic of daddy holding Melody. You really can't get a feel for how small she is until you see her in person!
Our first family photo. Talk about immense happiness...:)
She is such an angel, mommy could not be more in love!
One of our hospital pic proofs! She's started to open those cute eyes a lot wider now and she's getting more alert!
My favorite picture taken during the photo shoot. She is on Dustin's arm and looks so happy!