Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have bangs now :)

I got a new hairstyle from Jenny!! She did an amazing job. I get compliments on the color and my new bangs all the time :) I didn't want to cut it yet, as putting it in a pony and going is just too tempting but I wanted an updated look and I got it! Bangs are becoming more and more popular so I feel a bit more trendy now! :-P Hope you like my tan too, haha. It's a natural tan from being out in the sun and playing with kids! Now just to lose weight ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Fun Little Scrapbook


So, because Ace (the dog) is sick and I had a few errands to run, I opted to stay home for the family reunion. So Dustin is representing the family and I am being a little housewife.

I just wanted to share with my ladies this site in case you didn't know It's totally fun to do and super easy!

Hope you like the new look of our blog! I keep getting better and better at changing it, yay :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a few memories!

I was going through some old pictures that I had and found some of these fun missionary pictures that I had, so I thought it would be fun to show everyone what I looked like before and during the mission.

Here I was with Mom and Dad getting ready to go to the Olive Garden just before entering the MTC

Hard to believe that thelittle guy that Jenny is holding is Bodie, but it was a long time ago! : )

This was us at Olive Garden having a little bite to eat before I entered the MTC. (I don't remember eating anything I was so nervous.) : )

Here we are at the MTC where you get the name tags.

Mom doing the honors.

Devan and I getting ready with all my bags to enter in.

This was right after I had just finished going through the Boise Idaho Temple. What a great experience that was.

Me and my buddie Chris Hayes waiting for our food to come in a restaurant in Peru.

Our Zone had just finished a service project together and thought we'd take a picture of ourselves. We liked making shirts for our zones, and this one said "The Best Two Years!" And was it ever.

I look really skinny here, but this is me and my companion Carlos Casupa with President Lindstrom and his wife! Great people.

This was so much fun to do and to look at. I hope that you enjoy it too!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're Busy Busy Busy!

Hey everyone! So my cute hubby has been making so many posts lately, I thought I'd update real quick on what we are doing, so you can see I have an honest reason to be a bit behind on posting our recent Bear Lake trip pictures :)

Last weekend, we went to Bear Lake for the Peterson reunion. It was a lot of fun and we swam in the ocean, buried people in the sand (yes I got buried), and got to spend the night at Aunt Debbie's beach house! I told Dustin I wish I lived there, it's so beautiful, but he just laughed, saying I would get bored very quickly. I guess I MIGHT miss shopping, maybe that's it ;)

This weekend, we are having Kassie and Jenny and their kids in town! It will be fun! We are going to watch the kids (all 4 of them, yay) while the girls attend a wedding. Also, this Friday I am going with my class to the petting zoo at the fair. Try watching 20 3 year olds :) Yeah fun! :)

NEXT weekend, we are headed back to Bear Lake for the Wright reunion. We are staying at Grandma Doman's house. We will be there just for the weekend. I am hoping we will swim in the lake again, it was a lot of fun.

Ok, then flash forward a few more weekends and we have the Wright kids reunion!! We are staying in a big 8000 sq ft house with all the Wright kids and their kids! We are the only couple without kids (yet)! Insane! :)

So that's what we're up to lately. After this stretch of trips, we're gonna be pinching pennies for a while. That's okay though, we're happy to have the opportunity to travel so much!

We will post our Bear Lake pics soon, but if you want to see some of the hillarious ones of Dustin, check out Katie and Juan's blog...hahaha....:)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our New Calling!

We have a new nursery class! This is Lyndsey blowing bubbles with the kiddos!
"Did YOU eat my bubbles?!"
This little guy wouldn't let Dustin go!
We're special

Who's tough now!

This last weekend Andrew and I decided that it would be fun to go shooting. We got as many guns as we could, ammo, and some snacks that Lyndsey packed for us. We thought it would be best to beat the heat and go a little earlier in the morning. Lyndsey made us egg sandwiches that were really tasty, and a bag of apricots to keep our energy up! : ) Then off we went.
Andrew driving to our destination, what a smile.
Do you feel lucky punk? ya? : )
We got a little hot, so we steadied our shot by sitting in the back of Andrew's 4Runner

We were trying so hard to get a good picture............I cant get passed the fact that I am balding! : )
Nothin like a silencer........barely makes a sound. We didnt have much to shoot at, just a for sale sign and some shinny metal!

Me trying to be tough
Andrew loading his guns
As we were leaving to go home we passed a bunch of army tanks and some soldiers marching. It made us feel so cool to see that. Proud to be Americans

My Mission President's Homecoming

Well I guess they say there is a first time for everything....thus my first time posting something on "our" blog! : ) About a month ago my Mission President and his family returned home from their mission. I was put in charge of getting a little group together to sing for their homecoming. I spread the word to a few guys and got a great response. We ended up having close to 50 ex missionaries come to attend their homecoming, needless to say they were very touched! We had a great time, and most of the people stayed at Dad and Mom's was crazy!
These are such great People. I am lucky to live so close to them in Boise Idaho.