Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update- sorry it's been such a long while!

Alright, so I figured I needed to do some updates so here we go. No pictures this time, but I promise I will get them going soon.

First off, Dustin recently took on a second full-time job and has been gone more often then not, but he is such a strong and wonderful man to take care of our family the way he does and we are so proud. He works with adults who have disabilities, and cares for them in their homes allowing them to have independent lives. He works so well with them and I couldn't be more proud. It has taken some sacrifices but we are just grateful for the blessings it has provided.

I am still working at Wings and have been here for a year now and am loving it!! Next year, Melody will be able to come with me to work and enjoy the benefits of socializing and also getting an hour of play at Planet Kid a day! It's an amazing job and I am super lucky.

Speaking of Melody, she has now started to walk and we are so excited to see her take off! She is in developmental therapy and is thriving. She says the following words now:

Ace (Nana and Papa's dog)
Hi Dad

That is pretty awesome considering that just a month and a half ago she was not saying a single word- pretty cool!
She smacks her lips when she wants something- anything- and loves to clap at anyone willing to say 'Yay!' She is an amazing sleeper and clocks in 11-12 hours a night plus a 2-3 hour nap. In a few short months she got a full set of teeth and has enjoyed testing the new set on mom and dad (never been out of anger- she thinks it's funny but still bad) and twice it's happened when another child stuck their finger in her mouth. (Yikes!) She is in nursery now and loving it. She does really well considering she is a bit behind the other kids, and gets along really well with the only other girl in her class, a 22 month old little girl. Her hair is coming in now, and I am having to regularly trim the back until it all grows in fully (I don't want it to grow in to a mullet) and the top I'm able to put in to pigtails and other cute styles.

I got a calling in church as the librarian and I am actually pretty excited about it. It came in the nick of time since Melody can go to nursery now!

We are doing super well and are happy and overall healthy. If you are reading this, I appreciate you still checking our blog :)