Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on the Wrights :)

Well, summer is quickly approaching and a lot has gone on at our house!

Devan left on his mission the middle of this month to Canada and we also got the news that Mom and Dad Wright were going to Honolulu, Hawaii!! They leave June 2 but we have already now moved in to their house and will be taking it over for them!

Dustin is now working at a software company for my dad and is enjoying it a lot! We have been quite busy lately!

In June I turn 22 and we are also going on a trip to Cancun! We have a trip to Utah planned as well for this weekend to drop off mom and dad.

My brother Jared is graduating and we are going to that today actually. This summer we plan on some trips to the cabin, lots of time with family, and enjoying the nice big house we have responsibility for the next 18 months! It's crazy to think that when mom and dad get home it will be Christmas 2009! Our plan is to save all the money we can right now and use it for a down payment for 'our' house to move in to. Then we'll likely start a family :)

So everything is going great here!!