Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Current Events!

Well, here we are end of June!

Dustin and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary June 13th! It was neat and we made a big deal of it but most people kind of looked at us weird when we told them we were celebrating 6 months! Haha. Well it's half a year, that's special!!!

We are absolutely LOVING our large, spacious Wright home, courtesy of mom and dad Wright. Big screen TV, nice king sized bed, HUGE tub (my favorite part), and 2 wonderfully fun and loving pups too. It's life in the lap of luxury for sure. The only downside is upkeep but we seem to be doing well.

We attended our new ward for the first time. Apparently they're already working on callings for us!!! :-0

The end of this month (the 26th) is my 22nd birthday. But we will be (drumroll) in CANCUN!! For 10 days!! It's going to be heaven. It's an all-expense paid trip with the Jetsel family. I can't wait! We're going to have a blast, and I'm going to improve upon my already pretty great tan! Eek!

We're doing well, here's to 6 more months of blissful married life! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All Moved In!!

So, Dustin and I got all moved in last week and weekend! We got to visit the family in Utah and say goodbye to Mom and Dad Wright...it was very fun but also emotional to say goodbye! Well, I am always the outwardly emotional one and so as soon as we started driving home I started crying and Dustin was just silent for about an hour and then was able to talk :) So we were sad to say goodbye but also excited for them and to be able to care for their home. The minute we stepped in the door we both shouted for joy, we were so excited! And I have really loved sleeping in such a nice room in a big bed, it's really fun. We're already acting differently about the way we treat the home, with our apartment we didn't care as much but we're taking extra special care of this beautiful house. It was also way fun to see the Temple and Capell family while we were there! :) I got to play and love on my adorable niece and nephews as well as hang out with Kassie and Jenny so I was content :) Am I doing too many smileys? Any way, I am really happy and so is Dustin. We are excited for the future!!
Until next time!