Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are Pregnant! :)

So Dustin and I decided that we would wait until our first appointment to tell everyone, but I have been so excited to announce it! :) :) A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my period was late. I decided to just wait it out, because I was sure I wasn't pregnant. Then, at a class field trip to the Oscar Meyer bus, all the teachers were given free hot dogs. I ate mine, and a couple minutes later puked it up in front of the entire class (eww!!!)! That's when I had some suspicions! A day or two later, I told Dustin I wanted to test! He is always the one that holds me back and lets me wait for my period to come! But this time my period was late and he was still hesitant! (Because trust me, I've thought I was pregnant before and turned out not to be!!! lol)

Anyway, we purchased a dollar store test...why waste money
right? Within a couple minutes I was screaming, "IT's POSITIVE!!!" He was still skeptical even after seeing it, and we ran to Walgreens to buy a more 'reliable' test! And this was our result:
After this test he said, "I am gonna be a daddy!" It was so touching to see him so excited!
We told a couple of people right away but decided to wait until the first appointment to tell everyone! So here I am, happy as can be, tape on my arm from getting my blood drawn at my first appointment! We are really happy and excited to meet our baby who is due November 14th! So I am about 7 1/2 weeks right now but I've been rounding up to 8 :)
So far, I have been quite sick, but my sickness only started about a week and a half ago! Before that I was bragging that I hadn't gotten morning sickness yet, HAHA. Now I am regretting saying anything because it hit like a mack truck! :) :)

We are soooo excited to meet you in November, little one!!

(P.s. I think it's a boy! So if mother's intuition is right...)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Dinner with the Lindstroms

Dustin's mission friend, Justin Curnutt, came in to town with his wife and 3 month old baby Dominic and stayed with us so we decided to all get together with the Lindstroms (Dustin's mission president and his wife) and have dinner! We went to Red Robin and had a great time talking about the mission, our life now, and more! :) It was my first time meeting the Lindstroms, though when Dustin was on his mission I had brief correspondence with President Lindstrom to ask permission to send a surprise to Dustin. I also got to meet Justin and Ashley, and it was wonderful to get to meet them. We had a lot of fun! Sunday morning we had crepes and watched movies while Ashley went to her class. It was a great weekend!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dustin's Turn

My Nephews' Banquet
So Katie my sister called me and asked me if I could be a substitute father for Dominic and Riley this week and help them decorate cakes for their scout dinner banquet. So Dominic wanted to do a cake with the Superman logo on it. I have had some experince decorating cakes so I thought that with a little coloring and the two of us together we could do it. :) It was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. I was sweating, (not too unusual if you know me) trying to get all the colors mixed, and trying to keep Riley away from the frosting. After we finished Dominic's cake we thought that it looked pretty good, not too bad for free hand. Up close you couldn't tell that it was an "S" for superman, but farther away it looked good.Riley's cake was a little more interesting. We were pushed for time to get the cake out of the oven in time to make it to the banquet on time with the cake decorated. Riley wanted to do something a little more unique, so we looked up on the internet what the letter "R" was in the Egyptian alphabet. When it came time to decorate the cake, (pulling out of the freezer hoping that it had cooled enough) we couldn't get Riley to stop eating all the frosting and licking all the spoons and things. :) He said that he wanted the cake cut into the shape of the Egyptian letter, so we did. It looked like a football, so that made it a little easier. Needless to say we made it with both cakes decorated to the banquet. Dominic got the most "Super" cake and Riley got the most "Unique" cake awards. All in all it was fun experience hanging out with them and decorating cakes. :) My Sister Katie has some funny pictures and videos that I am sure she is going to put up on her blog very soon. Also we hope to be getting some more pictures up of Lynds and I here soon!