Sunday, October 25, 2009


So it's officially Sunday!! lol...I am not able to sleep, already so excited! But tomorrow, Monday, I am having Melody. My doctor said, "Well, you could even have her Tuesday if your labor is long enough"...I just looked at her and smiled...if I have anything to say about it, there is no way I want to be in labor for 18 hours, no thanks!!! :) But it happens to some, hopefully not me!

Any way...:) I am DEFINITELY not opposed to the epidural if I need it, but I want to go as long as I can first. I'm really not certain how I will be, I don't consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance but I've surprised myself before too. So I'll let you all know how it goes! The next time you hear a blog post from us, it will be with pictures and the story of the birth of our baby girl!

So...the countdown of hours begins!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I guess third time will be a charm :)

Once again, I write this with reluctance to say that these pictures do not lead up to having our little Melody. After last week, we were told that in a week we would come back, repeat the amnio and repeat the ultrasound and that most likely be having our baby. So, steps one and 2 were repeated. I had another amnio, though I hate to say that this one was definitely worse than before. The reason being that during the amnio I had my first big contraction. I've had light contractions now and lots of Braxton Hicks but this was my first major one, and it happened while they were extracting fluid. In response, the needle wouldn't take anymore fluid and the baby actually got in the way of the needle which scared us, but I don't think she touched it. So when they told me that they weren't sure if they got enough fluid and needed to do it again, I was not very happy :) Happily they didn't have to, but my poor Dustin's hand hurt from me squeezing it so bad during the contraction, I think he was worse off than me!! :)

This is me thinking we were on the way to have the baby. You are required after the amnio to have a non-stress test done on the baby, and we waited one hour for the results of her amnio.
It's kind of my thing now to drink apple juice in Labor and Delivery, it drives Melody crazy! I don't personally love apple juice but she seems to :) This is me looking all scary with my non-stress test gadgets on :).

So one hour later, they gave us the result. Her lungs were not ready by 4 points :(. And we were sent home once again. I was really sad about it, since I was looking forward to taking home a baby this time.

Luckily, my lovely nurse Danielle called with good news. If I don't go in to labor this week, then for SURE next Monday at 6 am I am getting induced!!! :) :) I will be 37 weeks so she won't be premature which will be wonderful. So for the next week I can get done what I wasn't able to, namely laundry, and focus on resting before the big day!!! You should see a post soon with pictures of the REAL event and our little girl!!

I also will hopefully be getting some pics so you can see my WONDERFUL baby shower that my sisters in law threw for me :) It was so fun and I was so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends to support me. Thank you so much ladies!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maybe baby

Not what it seems...:) Not yet!!
At our last appointment, in a flurry of craziness we were told that Melody was not growing well. We expected this news but we did not expect that they would tell us that if her lungs were ready, they would induce me that night! I had only just started feeling a slight bit better after getting a nasty case of the flu and was shocked. I kept asking if they could wait until I felt better or more rested but I was getting looked at like I was crazy, lol.

But we had an amnio done to test Melody's lungs and waited in Labor and Delivery for the results while they monitored her heart beat and movement. She did a great job and the amnio showed that her lungs were not yet mature enough. So this means that there will be no baby this week. While we were in there though, we were pretty flustered and thought she might come so I had Dustin take a picture of me in the gown just in case and wrote him a list of things to get to pack the hospital bag.

But we have an appointment next week and we will find out then if her lungs are ready and if they are, we will get induced at that point. I am writing this to put everyone's minds at ease and let you know that she is healthy, just not thriving in the womb :) They don't know why but it's better not to take any risks, so it's better for her to come in to the world a little sooner!! We are not worried, and have felt at peace with everything. We have a lot of support and a lot of friends and family to help us out!

So we could be posting pictures of our little girl soon!!! We shall see! :) If not next Monday I am not sure when or if they will wait another week or what. But I will let y'all know!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A star is born

So now that we are moved in to our house, Dustin and I had been seeing these cute stars on people's homes in the neighborhood and decided we'd like one of our own! I was at the craft store and they were having a 50% off sale on only one item, so I grabbed the star and got it for half what I normally would! Our neighbor Caleb helped us by letting us use the bed of his truck for a ladder and putting it up!
We love our neighbors, everyone is so nice! We especially have become close to one set of neighbors. We have mowed each other's lawns, put cookies on each other's doorsteps and gone over to borrow things. It's awesome!! We love it! More to come :)