Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I am not even sure if we announced we are pregnant on here, lol! The time has gone by so quickly. We are definitely pregnant though, and we are having another little girl!!!!!!!

I found out I was pregnant early this time, as I had this gut feeling. We bought dollar store tests but we were way before the missed period so we didn't expect much. I tested early anyway because I get really anxious and impatient! I saw a very faint line but wasn't sure if it was legit so we went out and purchased First Response and later that evening after our little Melody was asleep took the test. Dustin was out in the backyard talking to the neighbor (which I didn't know) when the line came up and ran out screaming, "You're going to be a daddy again!!!" It was a little awkward haha but Dustin ran promptly in and inspected and sure enough we celebrated! We told family and friends right away. We took Melody to a family BBQ which a 'Big Sister' shirt and the rest we told over the phone!! :-D

This pregnancy has been MUCH different than Melody's. From the getgo I was so very tired. I wasn't used to that as I usually have enough energy throughout the day, but I was just pooped!! When Melody would wake up in the mornings, we'd eat bananas and saltines in bed and watch cartoons until I could get up and function. I was sick until around 15 weeks this time but I managed to do all but a week without my beloved Zolfran. I tried, but in the end it got to me! Luckily I only needed it a week! Unlike Melody on most days it wasn't all day sickness but when it came on it came on stronger and I did a lot more forceful puking. (And simultaneous peeing- tmi but this is reality people).

Melody was small and had a 2 vessel cord. This baby shares neither trait. I have also felt movement this time much earlier, beginning at 16 weeks and let me tell you, she is a mover!! :) We decided to cheat and go to Fetal Fotos to find out the gender.

But I have felt for a while that this baby was a girl. I was once again resolved to believe that with 13 nephews, Melody being a girl was a fluke and for sure this one would be a boy! But we had to have 2 ultrasounds, one at 11 weeks and then an NT scan and ultrasound at 12. Well at 11 weeks it appeared that there was a little something there but by 12 weeks it had vanished. It was at that appointment that I became convinced it was a girl :) Dustin knew deep down too I think but he played the devil's advocate and guessed boy!

I have to say that Melody having the chance to have a sister is such a blessing for me. I was really hoping I could at least have one more girl, as my sister was very important to me growing up and i loved having a little sister. I was definitely thrilled when we had our ultrasound today and our little lady showed the goods!

I have been saying I was done at 2 but I think we might give it one more go. It's hard to imagine this being our last now!

I feel like this pregnancy is so surreal sometimes but it is all setting in now! I am going to be a mom to 2 beautiful little girls who no doubt will probably be polar opposites- but I am so happy! So happy to be the mother of the bride twice, to get 2 girls ready for prom, to see my girls doing each other's hair and playing dress up together, and dressing them in matching Sunday dresses! Haha :) I can't wait to pretend this one has hair like I did with Melody and completely go all out on the bows again! Yes, double trouble :)

We are so thrilled to be parents again and feel so blessed. We love our daughters so much and can't wait to meet our little sweetie!!

-Dustin, Lyndsey, Melody, and little girl #2 :)

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Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

Congratulations! So exciting! Glad she is doing well already, and don't worry, the tiredness goes away!