Thursday, February 2, 2012

No baby...yet!

Our due date has come and gone! I had actually predicted to Dustin that I would have the baby February 2nd so it could still happen, the day is young, but until she decides to make her debut I am going to get some stuff done I think! I woke up with some energy which is hopefully nesting for me, but I am not going to get my hopes up! Luckily I did some of the heavy cleaning a few weeks ago but there are definitely a few things that still need to get done.
So... Today's plan...
  • Do all the laundry- including bedding
  • Organize each room- namely the bedrooms, the other rooms are fine
  • Clean out the fridge- I think there are a few things that need throwing away in there
  • Meeting with the nutritionist today and coming up with some meal ideas that are quick and easy for when the baby's here
  • Tidy up the van and maybe install the carseat.
  • Do a quick deep clean of the bathrooms
  • Bathe Melody
  • Mop the kitchen
Alright, so that is the plan! I haven't been super motivated to clean this week, as I haven't been sleeping very well, but today is a different story. I am super crossing my fingers for a baby sometime this weekend. We are eating away into my maternity leave and the thought of less than 4 weeks with Baby B is terrifying right now. Plus on Monday I have an appointment where they test her fluid levels, non-stress test, and ultrasound and I really don't want there to be any cause to worry- so baby girl, if you want to come out before I will give you a treat or something :)
I had packed some preemie clothes in the hospital bag for Miss B but now that we are full term and moving forward I am thinking they may or may not fit her. I will leave them just in case though, maybe just take a few more newborn sizes.

I CAN'T WAIT!! And I am not very good at being patient but I am trying!! :)

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