Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lately in the Wright home...

I just posted my birth story of Brooklyn but I wanted to do a family update as well! We've had quite a bit transpire lately.

First off, Brooklyn is 4 months old and is such a little rockstar. She has surprised us with her quick development and knack for learning. She's very alert and always has to be sitting up- and has been that way from birth. She loves to watch her sister, Melody, and is always trying to snatch her toys away from her :). They will be pulling each other's hair out in no time.

Melody is doing well- she is having weekly therapy and it's hit and miss but I can see progress. She will be attending special education preschool in the fall and we couldn't be more excited. I believe it will be great for her. She has a love/hate relationship with her sister but is overall very sweet and loving and patient to her. She will give her random kisses and often goes over and pets her head. It's very cute :) She is still not speaking but can say a few words with prompt (Mama, wawa, open, hi, Elmo). She can definitely hear better now which is great. She loves to sing and it's quite comical to hear her.

Dustin and I are doing well- I have just started my photography business and it's been amazing how well it's going!! I've been booking 3 months in advance and I just started a month ago. Awesome. I have a new boss at work so it's been an adjustment, but it's getting better each day.

Look for more from us soon and hopefully pictures!!

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